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About Abee Cloud.

  • Are you looking for a quick and effective way to increase your conversion?
  • Changes to your website are implemented too slowly?
Abee Cloud is a service that increases the conversion rate for incoming traffic. It optimizes your website and significantly boosts your sales. It uses advanced web analytics and increases web conversions by combining various tools for the best effects Abee Cloud is a family of products in the cloud. None of the tools requires installation on the client's side, which significantly reduces the time needed to start using them. Our tools meet advanced security requirements and are periodically audited. They allow for easy integration with client's systems and effectively cooperate with each other.


Abee Cloud is a group of business products

Abee TST

AB and multivariate tests with full analytics
  • Quick implementation of alternative versions of the site or its elements
  • Flexible traffic management on the original and test versions
  • Integration with product magazines (Product Feed and others), thanks to which it is possible to implement even complex processes
  • Construction of a sales funnel divided into many dimensions, eg browser / device type, value of the basket, conversion of sales, etc.
  • The ability to measure multiple parameters at once
  • Minimal customer involvement in the configuration of the tool
  • Compatibility with web browsers (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Compatibility with platforms: ATG, Broadleaf, Hybris, Magento and many more
  • Preview content before publishing
  • Additional 24/7 technical support

Abee Fixer

Quick implementation of new functionalities for full optimization of website traffic
  • Fast deployments of new functionalities for full optimization of website traffic
  • Fixing current portal issues - changes for all customers maintained at any time
  • Fast production deployments and maintenance of alternative presentation of offers for full optimization of website traffic –responding to competitors actions
  • Work in production mode – SLA, phone number for reporting problems, support during weekends

Abee Events

Gathering user’s data to provide product recommendations
  • The tool allows you to collect information about the behavior of portal users
  • Flexible configuration of scenarios
  • Data is collected on a dedicated database
  • Support for a large number of parallel requests and frequent data storage
  • Easy integration with client BI modules and other tools from the Abee Cloud family, especially with the Abee TST module for testing AB

A/B Tests:

Our tests allow quick implementation of changes to the website (modifications in offers, implementation of new custom offers, any functional bug fixes).

Reduce time-to-market and increase online sales.


The tool for rapid verification of hypotheses and ideas without IT involvement (cost and time optimization).

You only implement what is proven.
How can we boost your sales? Execon products are the solution for you if you are looking for:

an effective way to
increase your conversion rate and improve your marketing ROI

immediate fix of
eCommerce bugs

the tool for a smooth implementation of
any changes to your website
Why should you choose Execon products? We support our Clients at every stage of the collaboration, starting with an idea through software development, product implementation, and maintenance
Increase of online reservations on client’s website
60 days
Implementation of the purchase process path on mobile devices
2,8 pts. %
Increase of sales conversion after hiding unnecessary elements of the purchase process

Conversion Rate Improvement:

  • Conduction of a functional audit on the website
  • Proposing of the changes increasing the conversion of processes
  • Confirmation of the benefits derived from changes via AB tests
  • Guarantee of the professional analysis of the results


International network of hairdressing and cosmetic salons


low conversion of visits to bookings


behavioral analysis + functional changes verified by A/B tests

Problem-solving solution

  • We take tough challenges and we are consistent
  • We have years of experience in complex projects for various industries
  • We provide comprehensive business and technical support


One of the largest telecommunication operators in Poland


No RWD technology on the client’s portal, no path for mobile devices


Design and implementation of a fully functional mobile shopping path

We improve

  • We provide consulting services regarding verification of profitability of investments and an indication of alternative solutions
  • We offer a flexible pricing model
  • Execon is first and foremost the team: the sum of our experience allows us to deliver the highest quality solutions


One of the largest telecommunications operators in Poland


Wide range of cart abandonment for many reasons


Analysis of the purchasing process, design, and implementation of changes by the A/B test
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